Maintenance Planner

Company Name:
CF Industries
##### Job Summary:
The Maintenance Planner is required to effectively plan and schedule all maintenance work at the Woodward Facility. The Maintenance Planner is accountable for ensuring proper hazard analysis and identification of requirements at the planning stage of proposed jobs. The position has the additional responsibility of contributing to the overall cost effectiveness of work which often has a fixed budget and restricted time-line. An effective plan contributes to the on-time, on-budget and safe completion of jobs that can otherwise contribute to lost production.
##### Job Responsibilites:
1.Develops work packages including complete plans and work scopes as required. The work packages will include stand-alone assignments or assistance with projects and work scopes under other people's control.
the planning and tracking of applicable MOC's from initiation to completion, including the documentation for audit purposes.
3.Develops minor design drawings and sketches as required to provide engineering details to work packages.
4.Develops drawings and sketches as assigned to provide as-built details on completed work, as well as to support on-site or off-site fabrication and repairs.
5.Prepares cost estimates for materials and labor to meet the need for budget preparation and to support project justifications.
information gathering and status review sessions in conjunction with the development and implementation of work assignments.
with offsite vendors, as well as with user groups in the plant site to develop and implement work assignments.
8.Assists with preparing daily departmental work schedules.
9.Prepares and issues material requisitions.
10.Prepares daily and/or monthly status reports showing the status and progress of work assignments.
11.Prepares reports to record the progress of specific assignments, as required, and records the progress made at meetings called to communicate or develop work assignments.
12.Becomes familiar with the plant design specifications, drawings and files in order to produce acceptable work packages with sufficient detail to ensure accurate safe and practical results.
13.Supports other individuals and user groups by providing information on plant equipment specifications and drawings as required.
14.Is responsible for becoming familiar with the plant standards, mechanical integrity, preventative maintenance and inspection requirements.
15.Ensures quality control and inspection procedures are followed when work is planned.
16.Ensures all new and repair specifications and plans include the appropriate quality control procedures and information to ensure work done and results achieved comply with codes and the Quality Control Program.
maintenance support as assigned, job coordination or a supervisory role during outages and turnarounds. This may include assignments to coordinate specific jobs or entire shift periods depending on requirements and opportunities.
18.Is responsible for the accurate preparation of documents to purchase items within the scope of work assignments and in compliance with budget and accounting practices.
and adheres to all plant safety regulations in person, in work packages and in activities under personal control.
20.Keeps up to date with company EHS policy as new information is made available.
21.Grows in position to meet the present and future needs of the organization. This involves personal initiative to learn new skills and to develop competence with existing and future systems and procedures.
##### Successful incumbents will have:
1.Effective organizational and time management skills
2.Physical capability, availability, willingness, and ability to work in a team environment
3.Good interpersonal and influential skills
4.Strong computer related skills
5.Ability to work in a safe manner that promotes the health and well-being of the individual and the environment
6.Strong analytical, troubleshooting and decision making skills
7.Self-motivation in advancing to the highest level possible
8.High functioning engineering knowledge and related work experience
##### Additional Information:
Required Qualifications:
1.CF maintenance technician, degreed engineer or 5 years working experience in an industrial chemical setting.
2.Exposure to a maintenance management system.
3.Solid communication skills including the ability to effectively converse in English, compose written documents and interact effectively with peers and supervisors.
4.Familiar with applicable codes, regulations and standards.
Location: Woodward
Schedule Type: Full Time

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